On the reef

We don't always go fishing. Today we did a half day snorkeling trip. We went out to key largo dry rocks where the depth is 5 to 25 ft deep and that is where the Christ of the deep statue lives. The visibility was 40 to 50ft and no current.The second stop was horseshoe reef where the depth was about the same but we had just a trickle is south current. We saw lots of tropical fish, spotted eagle Ray ,and a few sea turtles. All in all is was a fantastic day on the reef.  Go get em!!

Offshore FIshing This Month 7/29

The offshore fishing this month has been spectacular.The mahi fishing is on fire with all size fish being caught from 5 lbs to 50lbs. But they have been a little picky as far how they have been biting.It use to be rig some ballyhoo and troll and that still is having some Luck. But I have been trying to find a handful of birds( to many birds can mean trash fish) and pitching baits underneath them to catch the nicer fish.On the reef side of things the yellowTail snapper bite has been great with a mix of mangrove snappers as well. The water this time of year is very clear so you will have to scale everything down. I mean 12 lb fluorocarbon and #4 live bait hooks, and don't forget to bring lots of chum and oats. The more chum in the water the bigger fish will come up.And always have a small landing net around for those 3 to 5 lb fish.until next time.   Go get em!!

The Mahi Are Biting

Offshore the Mahi's Are biting. Lots of small dolphin from 200-400 feet. The nicer fish are being caught out in the 800 to 2,000 feet deep and weigh 12-30 pounds.Be sure to bring live bait pilchards, Gogle Eyes, or even pin fish. Wahoohave been caught with no consistency. Marlin have been biting strong because of large schools of small Mahi. To target the Marlin use a large spread of rigged ballyhoo and have something live to pitch to them. 7/1/15