end of june 2017 fishing report

Pretty much been better than it was all last year.The mahi fishing has been as good as it gets with most days catching your limit very earlyin the day.Most of thefish are between 22 and 36inchs but there has been plenty of gaffer and slammer size fish being caught everyday.The tuna bite has been good early and late in the day.Always remember that marlin eat schoolie dolphin there has been many sightings as well as a lot being caught too. On the reef the yellow tailhave been rock solid with some nice fish being brought aboard.The water has been very clear on the edge of the reef so we have had to go down to 10 to 12lb fluorocarbon. The weather has been very nice allowing us to get out deeper and do different kinds of fishing like deep dropping for tilefish and swordfish.Plenty of dates still open in july and I am pretty sure the fishing will only get better.

december 2016

The fishing in December was very good even though we still had summer time conditions.The reef bite was incredible with mutton snappers going upwards of 17lbs with a lot of fish around the ten pound range.The shallow reefs from 15ft to 40ft have had most of the action.Use live ballyhoo,pilchars or grunts if you cant get your hands on any livebait dead mullet,shrimp,and ballyhoo will work fine.Livebaiting the edge of the reef from 60ft out to 250ft has been good for the sailfish,blackfin tuna and kingfish.I have been using live ballyhoo on 7/0 circle hooks with 40lb floro and pulling them very slow about 2knots.There hasn't been much going on offshore with the mahi being very inconsistent but its not mahi season.The weather has been beautiful in key largo so get out of the cold and come see us.Plenty of dates available.Key largo charters.Go get em!!

fall fishing report

The fishing in key largo has been spotty at best with some amazing days mixedin.We have caught several blue marlins and great days of tuna and mahi fishing.The key to the tunas has been getting out early,if you can get to the spot by 730 In  the morning you will have success.You will have to deal with the sharks but that's the price you have to pay.The mahi have been found mostly on debris so get your binoculars out.The vemillion snapper have been very strong from 230ft out to 375ft use squid on a chicken rig with 50lb test.If your interested in the reef side of things the patches have been slow but the deep reef has been good for the yellowtail snapper.The fish have been between 2 and 5lbs bring lots of chum and a variety of jigs and hooks. Go get them!!

december 2015

The weather has been tough to deal with so far with November not sure if its summer or winter.One day you will catch mahi the next day your sailfishing.The week surrounding thanksgiving was outstanding fishing.Some days we would release up to four sailfish up to 7 ft long,other days we would live bait for grouper ,wahoo,snapper andking mackeral with a lot of success.Most of all that action is going on near the edge of the reef in anywhere from 80 to 280ft.We like to use live bait for this style of fishing ballyhoo,speedos,hard tails and cigar minnows.This time of year a lot of the bigger bottom fish move in shallow to spawn so this is the best time of year to catch big grouper and snapper.Just remember that grouper closes on January 1.So get out there.

End Of October

Well October has been rough,windy and slow but that is typical for this time of year.The fishing is in a in between time right now. With one day catching tunas and Mahi to the next catching sailfish and king fish. So plan to do anything bring lots of live bait as well as dead.If you plan to stay on the reef that's s great call.The snapper bite on the edge of the reef continues to get stronger. Bring lots of chum and oats and you should have no problem catching a limit.I have Been getting them in 55ft to 100ft with the fish ranging from 1 1/2 to 4 lbs.During the day use 12 to 15lb fluorocarbon leaders,at night you can get away with 20 lb.  Go get them!!

End Of Septmeber

Well here's what I got for the end of September report. The Mahi bite continues to be strong in 400ft to 800ft where the fish are 5 to 25lbs. A few wahoo are starting to be caught on the high speed troll. But the blackfin tuna are being caught very good with fish from 5 to 20lbs a lot of Bonita and skipjack mixed in.Pulling small blue and white or black and purple tuna feathers has been working very good.If you can find pilchards you will catch the bigger tunas around the humps.The yellowtail snapper bite is great you can catch anywhere from 10 to the boats limit in a few hours.  The depths have been ranging from 55ft to 100ft for the bigger ones. That's all I have for today. Go get em!!